Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


I do know that I'm not keeping up with my blogging like I should and I do apologize, truly. Since my last blog my family's life has been turned upside down, wrong side outwards, and back again. We are still transitioning and I will fill you in a little bit, in the coming weeks regarding what is new with us at the McDaniel house & how we are working to try to make a difference and allow God to use us know matter what is going on in our lives. For today I just wanted to reflect a little bit about what it means to be thankful and to be very content in our current circumstances no matter what they may be. With all of the Thanksgiving cook in preparation, decorations, family, etc. We as women especially lose sight of what the day and what this time of year is supposed to be about. I want you to know that out of all these things that I write this one statement. I want you to remember this statement, I want you to tattoo it to your four head, is that will help you remember! This will make your life a lot simpler, it will make you as a woman a lot better at being a woman, at being a mom being, a wife, a good employer, and/or employee. 

Okay girls this is the meat, this is the juice. And I can promise you it is nothing that you haven't heard before. Here it is... That dirty house, those dirty clothes, that crying baby, will all still be there once you have gotten off your knees and sat at Jesus' feet for moment. Me personally, I am a huge believer in making time for Jesus. I think that it is the most important thing as a woman that we can do for ourselves. This brings our focus and our attention back to where it needs to be. When you are stressing about money,  when you're stressing about laundry, when you were stressing about the daily Mundane things that women stress about. The simplest thing that we can do is to revert or bring our thoughts back to Christ and remember he is that one constant that loves us, that wants to see us succeed. He is our daddy and he is our biggest cheerleader and he wants nothing more for us to experience the fullness of his peace comfort joy in all the days of our life. But, especially on the days that the world has told us should be more stressful during the times of the year that the world is told us that if we do not reflect. I don't want you to get caught up in the petty things. I don't want you to be that person that allows it in the worldly stress to steel your joy. If the sweet potatoes don't get made this year, they don't get made. It's okay if that turkeys a little bit dry, it's okay that's the fun memories. Hey my sister and I didn't even serve dressing last year at Thanksgiving, and we had invited a family over that didn't have family close by and we served them Thanksgiving dinner, right on with the dressing still sitting in the oven! Nobody said a word! But boy do we laugh about it now:) Hey my mama had every thing tip top in perfect shape during the holiday season. Carney and Jack remember the crazy things that happened and we all laugh about. Carney still remembers and enjoys that mom hung out with her most the day on Thanksgiving. She remembers going on Black Friday, sleeping in the car all day and night and standing in line for something we don't even need. She remembers not even having Thanksgiving dinner because we decided we didn't want to cook Thanksgiving dinner, we just want to do nothing, and we ate junk food instead! So ladies, today on Thanksgiving let your hair down, relax. Spend a few minutes of much-needed time first thing this morning talking to your number one cheerleader Jesus, and then go downstairs and go in there and dance with your baby on Xbox. Show your husband why he is so special to you today. Show him by doing something out of the norm and/or spontaneous with him. Leave the dishes, leave the laundry, don't worry if the toilet is not clean. It's okay, somebody will do it if they don't want to look it... It just doesn't have to be you today. Girls I love you and I thank you for reading my blog, I thank you for supporting my family. I'm thankful for you on this day because without you I would not have a ministry. Enjoy today to the fullest and share this with other great women. 

- A'leta

The Day Before Thanksgiving at The McDaniel Farm!

The Day Before Thanksgiving at The McDaniel Farm!

Posted on December 1, 2013 .