Billy Jack & A'Leta McDaniel are available to speak; they both have intense stories to tell.

There are two main audiences to whom Billy Jack focuses his speaking. There is the Christian and the industrial. Yes, there is a fine line that cannot be crossed and he is excellent at keeping the line between the two defined.

The testimony Billy Jack has is incredible. He has spoken to senior citizen groups, youth groups, small to large congregations, and couples. The testimony always touches his audience and motivates them to change their lives for the better.

The safety concept that Billy Jack has developed and teaches the industrial and corporate communities is a safety concept based on CONFIDENCE, rather than more traditional concepts. This has come from many years of personal experience and research. Billy Jack has the ability to impact your employees like no one else. He understands there are two aspects to safety; the corporate version and the field hand version. They are different, and must be delivered differently to be effective.

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